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BROTHER THOMAS BEZANSON SIGNED Art Pottery Vase 1980s Unique & Perfect


Deeply textured orange and black. Directly from the Weston Priory, in Weston, Vermont sometime during the 1980s. “Benedictine Monks Weston, Vermont” and with Thomas Bezonson’s’tb’ mark. The 3-1/2 inch tall vase has a slightly raised. 2-1/2 inch diameter rim opening. It weighs 2 lb. Father Thomas Bezanson (1929 – 2007) is best known. For his […]

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Brother Thomas Bezanson Pottery Pinch Vase Tenmoku Glaze Weston Vermont


Brother Thomas Bezanson (1929 – 2007) Tenmoku Glaze Pottery Vase Weston Vermont. Stands 5 across in diameter and stands 5 tall. A+ condition with no chips or cracks. One tiny spec on side where glaze didn’t adhere during firing. Deep ruddy earth tones with a black overlay and a metallic/iridescent glaze. Really hard to take […]

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