Studio Pottery Vase


Jim Malone studio pottery stoneware large jug, Ainstable, ash and nuka glazes


A fine and fairly large studio pottery jug by leading British potter Jim Malone. Wood ash glaze overlaid with a creamy high-silica nuka-type glaze. Potter’s marks (personal mark and “A” for Ainstable) to the foot, partially glaze-filled. Dimensions (approximate): 31cm x 19cm x 18cm. Very good condition and as new, but there is a narrow, […]

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Jim Malone studio pottery stonewar Korean-style hakeme chawn tea bowl


A very nice studio pottery chawan ceremonial tea bowl form by leading British potter Jim Malone. Korean-style hakeme slip decoration with spontaneous iron brushwork. Very good matt surface quality. Impressed potter’s marks to the foot (JM personal mark and “A” for Ainstable). Excellent condition, as new. Dimensions (approximate): 15cm x 15cm x8cm. A lovely example […]

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Jim Malone yunomi (tea bowl) for Burnby pottery


Jim Malone yunomi (tea bowl) for Burnby pottery. Jim Malone was born in 1946 he is a well respected and collected potter. He has exhibited and taught widely. The Yunomi has the impressed mark for Jim Malone and the mark for Burnby which places the Yunomi as being made c. It measures 10 cms in […]

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Jim Malone studio pottery large stoneware Korean hakeme bottle vase Ainstable


A very fine and characteristic large studio pottery bottle vase in the Korean manner by leading British potter Jim Malone. Hakeme slip decoration and iron brushwork under a clear glaze. Excellent condition, as new. Jim’s potter’s marks (JM and A for Ainstable) to the foot. Dimensions (approximate): 31.5cm x 14cm x 14cm. A really excellent […]

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Jim Malone fine and very large incised ash glazed studio pottery stoneware vase


A very fine and large studio pottery stoneware bottle vase by leading British potter Jim Malone. Potter’s personal and pottery (Ainstable) marks to the foot. Incised decorated and ash glazes. Excellent condition, as new. Dimensions (approximate): 38cm x 16cm x 16cm. In my opinion self-interested, but nevertheless… This is a really excellent example of Jim’s […]

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Jim Malone Classic Tall Bottle Stamped


English Potter Jim Malone Tall Bottle Double Stamped – made after 2002. No chips cracks or repairs. 15 1/4 inches in height x 7 1/2 in in diameter. Bernard Leach , Jeff Oestreich, Randy Johnston, Hamada, Warren MacKenzie, Mike Dodd. The item “Jim Malone Classic Tall Bottle Stamped” is in sale since Tuesday, August 10, […]

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