Studio Pottery Vase


Marcello Fantoni Mid Century Multicolor 4 3/4 Studio Vessel Signed Vase Italy


Marcello Fantoni Mid Century Multicolor 4 3/4 Studio Vessel Signed Vase Italy. This beautiful example of a Fantoni studio piece is in excellent condition, with partial, but recognizable signature. There is some crazing, as seen in the photos, but that is normal for it’s age and glaze. Colors are bright and glaze is shiny, with […]

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Marcello Fantoni Mid-Century Studio Ceramic Bottle Vase, Signed


Ceramic Bottle Vase, Signed. Large, beautiful bottle shaped vase by the Italian master potter, Marcello Fantoni. From the 1950s or 1960s. The body has an ochre background decorated with continuous images of stylized robed figures. The upper portion has an medium dark orange background and contrasting stylized trees with foliage in the same colors of […]

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MARCELLO FANTONI mcm brutalist vtg studio art pottery vase italian sculpture


Marcello Fantoni (1915-20–) 104! Stands about 7 1/2 tall. A five pound sterling silver ” Bug Basket ” from Buckingham Palace, the most-prized possession of the last reigning monarch of The Kingdom of Hawai’i, an artifact from The White House and Porcellian Club (the birthplace of Facebook), the first man to the moon’s 1st appearance […]

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