Studio Pottery Vase


Leach standard ware tankard #331


Leach standard ware 1 pint tankard. Though this tankard was made at the Leach pottery and bears the clear mark associated with that pottery started by Bernard Leach it was almost certainly not made by Bernard Leach and was made by one of the many potters who worked there from 1920 through to 1978 when […]

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Leach Large Stoneware Stew Pot Tenmoku Glaze Interior, unglazed exterior #373


St Ives Large stoneware Casserole Pot with Tenmoku Glaze Interior. This was the largest’stew pot’ Leach pottery produced as standard ware. It was not listed in the catalogues dated 1946 through to 1952. It has a capacity of more than 3.5 pints. The impressed St Ives Leach pottery stamp together with the ENGLAND stamp dates […]

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Leach pottery Z bowl Height 7.5cm (2)


A flat bottomed bowl standing on a narrower footring. Celadon glaze with iron speckling to inside and out, with a blue tinged glazed central section decorated in the classic bird on a branch pattern in three places externally on each bowl with iron brushwork. And ENGLAND to each just above the foot. Measures 7.5cm deep […]

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Leach pottery Shigeyoshi Ichino iron oxide on hakame studio large onion vase


Large Shigeyoshi Ichino iron oxide on hakame studio pottery onion vase. Condition is new “Used”. This unusual but beautiful onion vase comes from Shigeyoshi Ichino whilst he was a resident potter at the leach pottery in st ives. The pot is in PERFECT condition standing an impresive 150mm high and wide. The brushed hakame glaze […]

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