Studio Pottery Vase


CARL HARRY STÅLHANE small Vase 3.75 inch Rörstrand Scandinavian Design


This beautiful stoneware vase by Carl Harry Stålhane showcases a mid-century modern style with Scandinavian origins. The vase measures 3.75 inches in length and features a lovely brown color with a matte finish. It is an original piece, signed by the artist himself, and has an incised backstamp. The handmade vase is a vintage item […]

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Vntg Asian Studio Pottery Vase 7 Grey WithLarge & Small Yellow Flower Stamped


This vintage Asian studio pottery vase is a unique addition to any collection. Handcrafted piece is a representation of a beautiful culture. The intricate details and design make this vase a true work of art. Its provenance is not available. Measuring 7 inches, this vase is perfect for displaying flowers or as a decorative piece […]

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Sasha Wardell, British Studio Pottery porcelain small bowl, c2010


Size: 11.2 cm across rim lengthwise, 8.5 cm widthwise, external depth 6 cm. Condition: Excellent condition, no chips cracks or restoration. This lovely delicate bowl in unglazed cast bone china, with a stylised pattern on the outside is made in Sasha Wardell’s hallmark style. The bowl is thin and light and has the typical translucence […]

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Richard Batterham Studio Pottery Ash Green Glaze Small Jug 11 cm #1045


Instantly recognisable as by Richard Batterham by its shape and glaze colour. Richard is viewed collectively by studio pottery collectors and studio potters themselves as an iconic master potter who trained at the Leach pottery before starting out on his own. Potting for 6 decades his work is always sought after. There are some minor […]

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