Studio Pottery Vase


Ken Matsuzaki Studio Pottery Shoji Hamada, Mashiko, Shimaoka Interest


Ken Matsuzaki Studio Pottery Shoji Hamada, Mashiko, Shimaoka Interest, including wooden box, cloth and papers. The piece measures approximately 25cm in height and 12cm width. Born in 1950 in Tokyo. Matsuzaki’s life was filled with art and culture and his family’s influence began to show when, around the age of 16, Matsuzaki developed an interest […]

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Shoji Hamada Mashiko ware vase and signed box


In excellent condition with no chips, cracks or restoration. Complete with original signed box. Hamada Shoji was a renowned craftsman and representative figure in modern Japanese pottery. Born in Tokyo in 1894, he resolved to become a potter while still a student at Furitsuicchu the Tokyo First Prefectural Jr. High School, Hibiya high school at […]

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Exceptional Japanese Mashiko Style Mingei Pottery Sake Bottle Vase Studio Potte


EXCEPTIONAL JAPANESE MASHIKO STYLE POTTERY SAKE BOTTLE VASE JOMAN ZOGAN STYLE. This piece shows exceptional form and craftsmanship along with very eye appealing glaze/surface. The surface of the oval spaces shows impressed lines similar to those achieved with the Joman Zogam technique perfected by legendary potter Tatsuzo Shimaoka. Possible made in Mashiko in my opinion. […]

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